I hate seizures so much

Such a sad week, Conner’s seizures have become worse. He now is having 3-5, 1-2 minutes grand mals 70-100 infantile spasms a day. He desaturated during his grand mals, and is now foaming at the mouth with these ones. I haven’t needed to give him his emergency med yet but I can tell they are getting worse. It takes him quite a while to breath normal again afterwards. Please keep us in your prayers. We need as much strength as ever right now. Thanks everyone for keeping up with him through his page http://www.facebook.com/HopeforConner  He is so strong..



3 thoughts on “I hate seizures so much

  1. So sorry to hear little Conner’s seizures are increasing. You are in our prayers to Jehovah for his help in dealing with this very difficult health issue. We all long for the day when no one will be sick. And the day we will all just run and play and enjoy life and rejoice at everything we have received from our God of comfort, Jehovah! I love your sweet family and know that my heart goes out to you all. Loved Miss Lacie dancing video! Try to keep smiling, it does make you feel just a little bit better. Love you my dear sister!

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  2. Hi
    I found your blog via the TSA website And I noticed you use essential oils. There are a few ingredients in the oil that are contra indicated for epilepsy. I only mention this to you because I used to use thieves oil on my TS daughter and realize it was increasing her seizures.

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    • I’m so glad u mentioned that because it really did increase them, I didn’t even realize I just thought because he was sick, that was why his seizures worsened. That’s why I continued thinking the thieves would help his sickness. Guess I was wrongs, thank you for the info!


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