Hospital Freebies!

WARNING: I will come off as a cheap skate in this article!

Since my son was born, we have been in the hospital too many times to count. Everyone of those times we came home with double the luggage. Conner (our son) has had issue after issue. Seizures, heart block, feeding tube surgery, pace maker surgery…lots of things, pretty minor. Usually the nurses ( the nice ones, lol) will send you home with plenty of supplies. I NEVER turn down freebies. I’m sorry but my child already is expensive, I would appreciate saving money where ever I can 🙂 Here is a list of freebies I have received from my sons hospital stays, and my uses for them. Enjoy!

– Gloves ( I use these to clean up puke, daily… yeah I hate life some days)
– Syringes ( I use daily for dispensing medicine )
– Extra feeding bags ( G-tube fed, you can never have enough! )
– Thermometer ( Always smart to have extras )
– Diapers and wipes ( No brainer… )
– Donated blanket or stuffed animal ( Cute )
– Comb ( To tease my own hair, LOL! )
– Lotion ( Just because )
– Aqua-for ( Conners lips are always chapped)
– Face masks ( Germ protection)
– Medical tape ( You never know)
– Gauze pads ( G tube site)
– Adhesive remover pads and spray
( Because corners biggest fear is bandages)
– Baby soap and lotion ( Just because)




2 thoughts on “Hospital Freebies!

  1. I don’t blame you! Medical supplies are expensive, I do the same thing every surgery and hospital stay. Hi, My name is Holly and I’m 21. I have had 57 brain and spinal surgeries; my last one was on the 20th of last month. I honestly have no idea how I found your blog but I’m glad I did. I was feeling really discouraged because I haven’t seen any improvement since my last surgery. I’m going back to see the neurosurgeon next Thursday to have my ventricular shunt adjusted. He’s never used this valve before so he needs a rep there.
    Anyway, I have been looking through some of your blog posts and your son is so amazing! I have absence seizures as well as myoclonic seizures in my sleep but thankfully I have only had one grand mal. It’s nothing compared to what your son has been through.
    He is honestly an inspiration to not only me but many others as well. Oh, and he’s adorable as well! I hope Connor starts feeling better soon. Your family is in my prayers.

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    • Hi Holly,
      Wow you touched my heart with your kind words. I apologize for taking forever to get back to you! I just now saw this comment! I hope your surgery went amazing! How are you doing these days?! Sending you a HUGE hug! Please keep in touch!


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