How to set up your kangaroo Joey junior feeding pump

Hey there care givers! I just happened to come across one of my old videos and I received over 12,000 views! Unfortunately I do not remember how to log in to that account, but I am going to post the link below and I hope you all find it helpful! Please comment if you have any questions or would like to add something I left out.



One thought on “How to set up your kangaroo Joey junior feeding pump

  1. Hi Karissa! I just got one of these units used and it didn’t have any bag sets with it. I do not even know if it functions correctly. Before I go and buy the some, can you tell me if there is a way to tell this pump is functioning properly without the tubing installed? I pushed down on the little metal piece that the first end of the valve fits over and I thought that action would cause the “Set loading” icon to stop but it did not. Should that have caused it to stop or do I simply HAVE to have the valve/tubing assembly installed for loading message to stop?Thx!

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