Delivery food to the hospital?

“My carrots taste like plastic…” Yes, those words have flowed from my mouth. Yuck. There is nothing worse than being stuck in a hospital and even worse when its your child’s admission. Completely speaking from experience (I am in the hospital with my son as I am typing this). You have to take care of yourself in order to take care of others. It’s hard to feel at home in a hospital but there are ways to make you feel more comfortable. I don’t know about you but good food that warms my belly, warms my heart.

I recently discovered an app called EAT24. Available via App Store. This app is amazing! If you don’t believe me go download it right now, and see for yourself. It’s free, and you can type in what you are craving. The customer service is amazing. If my food hasn’t arrived or I have a question, you can quickly ask via chat window and a very friendly person will help you.

I actually pay around the same amount I would if I were buying food in the hospital cafeteria, for food that is gross and repetitive.

Here are the steps ( to make it easier for you, because I care lol)

1. Download EAT24 from App Store

2. Make sure your privacy setting let the app find your location ( or manually type it in)

3. Select which restaurant you want to order from, then select delivery

4. Once you click check out, a window will pop up showing what you are about to order. At the top there is a box you can type in. This is what my message says “Once in lobby, please call 555-555-5555 and I will come down to you.” Usually delivery guys can’t come straight to the room. So it’s best to give them those instruction, just make sure your cell phone volume is up…(I learned the hard way lol)

5. You can choose your method of pay. Debit/Credit, PayPal, or cash.

6. Once you submit your order, you can click “check order status” and it will show a timer so you know how soon your food should be coming.

7. If for some reason things are taking longer than they should, click the button under the timer that says “ message EAT 24” and someone can check on it for you.

Hope I have helped your stay at your “Home away from home” just a tad more comfortable! Enjoy…



Don’t give up on your dreams!

I’m nervous! This is real honest truth time. A lot of my close friends and family know this about me. I have tried so many things in my life whether it be to make money or just something to do as a hobby. Here is a list of things I have tried…

– Photography
– Poetry
– Writing/Blogging (I love!)
– Wedding planning (I also love!)
– Scrapbooking
– House keeping
– Day care provider
– Avon
– YouTube blogger ( fun but not for me )
– Foster pets (this makes me so happy)

My husband has been so supportive through all these transitions, so that I am very grateful for. I guess I get bored easily. I tend to get so excited to try something new. Some how being a special needs mom always sets up a bit of a stumbling block to continue.

It goes like this…I get so excited about a certain hobby (that I love but won’t say what it is until later). This excitement comes and goes in waves often. The reason I get discouraged is because I feel like it’s impossible to do what I love and be a special needs mom, when the reality is… I’m making it hard on myself. My son is not to blame. If I want something bad enough I know I can accomplish it, I just have to maybe do it a little different than most and have plan a, b, and c.

Don’t tell yourself you “Cant” just because you are a special needs mom. Don’t give up that easy! If you want to do something you may have to put a little more time and effort into getting it done but the end result will be worth it! You don’t want to resent your child just because you made it seem to hard to do what you want. We love to use our special needs kids for excuses, but don’t use them as your crutch to get yourself out of your dreams.

So here it is… As long as I can remember I have ALWAYS a loved throwing parties, pretending to do a wedding as a child. It has always been with me. Over the past few years I have thrown showers and weddings for people I am close to and the rewarding feeling I get from seeing what I can create is just pure contentment. It is a major self confidence boost! I love taking ideas from my head and making them a reality.

I interned twice with a local wedding planner of 20 years. I learned so much and had a blast. It’s a lot of work but I loved it, and I knew that I wanted to make it a reality for myself. Maybe not full time but at least a job/hobby on the side.

Time went by and Conner ended up in the hospital a couple times. I got so scared thinking ” gosh, what if today was someone’s wedding day, and they were relying on me” that totally freaked me out! So I gave up… Every couples months I would have withdrawals, and say to my husband ” ugh, I’m craving a wedding so bad!”

Recently a family member became engaged. I offered to plan their wedding as a gift from my husband and I. It has been so fun, and has reminded me of how much I love doing this! I guess I didn’t have enough fire power to keep going before, and maybe again I’m just overexcited, but I really feel today that I CAN do this! I can make this work some how.

Bottom line is….DONT GIVE UP, fight for what you want. When Mommy and Daddy are happy so is everyone else. If what you want to do allows it, let your children be apart of it! My daughter loves to help even though she’s only four years old. I ask her opinions of which colors look better, or I have her color me pictures of how the ceremony should look. It keeps her busy, and she loves it.

Please tell me your story, I would love to hear it!